As the new years quickly approaches we look back on 2014 and see success. Loads of it.
It has been a rewarding and uplifting year. Filled with laughter and good cheer.  Shared with  49 wwoofers.  Endearing individuals, eager to share and learn and very willing to help.  Deep friendships were forged.

Throughout the year and in typical self-sufficiency lifestyle mode, one day ran into the other, as did each month.  Our work is our life and our life is our work. And we love it!  We are not locked in to clocking on and clocking off a job five days a week.  Consequently  we may sometimes be unsure of the day of the week.  But we always  know what season of the year it is……….very important when you work and live hand-in-hand with mother nature. 

The year unfolded with land being cleared. Fences built and gates  hung. Pig pens enlarged.

We made loads of compost. Added more edible plants to the food forest.  Adopted a  milking cow. The Herbal Tea garden was established.   A tool shed sorted and reorganised!  Finally – a sprinkler system in the shadehouse.  Pergola in vegie patch. Vegie patch was enlarged. Wicking beds were created.

Ross from the UK seen here building a wicking bed

Added new water tanks. Buildings were erected – coolroom,  storage units, function room.

A mural was painted.

Kirk, from UK painted the mural on side of shipping container

A carport built to house family vehicles.  Erected at the rear of the carport, a Fernery filled with tree ferns and rain forest plants. 

 The mechanics workshop, framed.  Parking shed for bobcat, tractor and ride-on mower.  And we finally built and completed our bedroom in Sept.   Wow!

The general public love to visit our self-sufficient property.  They come to tour and learn.  Wwoofers have helped us in the planning and management of Open Days.

Chris and Sandi from Singapore

Daisy and Alex from USA

It has been a year of endless conversations  around the dinner table.   Lots of hugs. And
tonnes of laughter.  We feel blessed.

In the year 2014, 49 individuals found their way into our lives and brought us great happiness. We in return shared our joy of sustainable living with mother nature.


Author: Earthkeepers

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