Currently our daily chores are filled with laughter as we watch the youngesters at play with their family.  I am talking about the pekin ducklings, the seven week old piglets and the newly born, four day old piglets.

The ducklings found a gap where one fence meets another in the corner of the pen.  Bravely  they pushed their little fragile bodies out into the food forest.  What  a discovery!  Worms in the mulch. Succulent weeds. Snails and slugs.  But when they heard the rattle of the chain on the gate they hurried back to the pen  for safety.  We have since plugged up their escape route.  Young ducklings are at risk of birds of prey.

The newly born piglets take two steps and fall over. They are finding their feet.  Already, we are seeing dominant characters emerge.  Leading the others into all kinds of trouble.
Their father lays on his back and allows the piglets to slide up and down his big fat belly.  They chew his ears as he wiggles them back and forward to further encourage the youngsters.
The mother takes this opportunity to source some food and get some rest.

The older piglets have been quite cheeky.  They have found every small crevice in the pen.  They grab the food and quickly scurry into a tight corner where the adults are unable to reach them.  Survival of the fittest at work.
If you stand perfectly still inside their pen, the piglets sit on your boots.  At this age they fear nothing. Life is full of adventure. We placed a Bunya Bunya nut. i.e. a huge spikey 6kg nut in their pen.
Sniffing it thoroughly and assessing the danger it presented,  six of the piglets quickly surrounded the huge nut and carefully chewed off all the spikes.  The adults then came along, cracked the shell open and all the pigs feasted.

There is not doubt that we live the good life.  Everyday something captures the imagination and in turn charges our batteries. 

Author: Earthkeepers

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