LOW COST with Minimum Effort
Shipping containers provide an instant solution to storage and workshop issues.
Over the past eighteen months three have come our way.  One was rusting in a field. One was located on a rental property and had to removed because the property had been sold.  And the other one was disused due to the closure of a builder’s site.
All of the shipping containers needed some repair.  Holes in the roof and poor fitting doors.  However, flooring was OK.

This shipping container stores household excess furniture. a collection of stain glass and spare bedding.  It’s  position creates a carport parking area for our Ute (pick up truck).  We painted it to match the colourbond shed.  The roof attached to the shed and covering the extension area provides  additional water catchment for our household rain water tanks.

The second shipping container offers weather protection storage for recycled doors,  windows and decorative timber. We painted the container to match buildings in the attached area.  To shelter the bobcat, tractor and rideon lawn mower a machinery carport was constructed next to the container.

Our third shipping container has been placed with many roles in mind.
On its north side it provides a  heatbank for a tropical plant microclimate.
It’s suspended roof harvests rain water for the attached  25,000ltrs tank.
In close proximity to our educational function room, the shipping container houses our open garden signs, public seating, tressle tables etc.
To keep out animals the container aligns withthe fence.
And, because a shipping container can appear as  a free-standing huge lump of metal, Kirk, one of our wwoofers painted a mural to help soften the blot on the landscape. It works wonderfully.  Visitors to our garden comment favourably.

Our collection of shipping containers 
serve more than one purpose!

Author: Earthkeepers

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