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This morning a visit to the vegie patch revealed dozens of passionfruit knocked to the ground by heavy rain. What joy! Yummy.  As I went about collecting them I  mindfully created several recipes.
Three of us living at home at the moment. Mmmmmmm.
After searching the fridge and pantry I took action.
Serves 4 
Medium bowl.
3 tblspn castor sugar (more or less to taste)
2tblspn vanilla yogurt
250g/300g Ricotta (smooth) cheese
* Beat all above ingredients together.
Add pulp of 8 passionfruit. Mix in gently.
Stir in 1tspn gelatine powder dissolved in two tblspn of boiling water.
Set in fridge for about an hour. It is soft and creamy.

All ingredients in the bowl.
1 duck egg or large chook egg
2 tblspn soft butter and two tblspn rice bran oil
Third of a cup of raw sugar (more if you like sweet)
1 cup of unbleached white SR flour
2 tblspn almond meal
Pulp of 8 passionfruit
Squeeze of lemon juice
half cup of skim milk (or a little more if needed)
1 tblspn yoghurt (gives a creamy texture)
Beat slowly to combine  ingredients, Beat on high for 3mins.
Place in prepared sandwhich cake pan.  Cook for 25mins (fanforce) on moderate heat 165/175.
You should know your own. I cook most of my cakes at 165/170 or as determined by ingredients such as oat bran, wholemeal flour etc.
Cool, top with passionfruit icing.  Melt half tspn of butter. Add to the pulp of  four passionfruit. Add icing sugar to get the consistency you want …….. thick or runny.  If too sweet, add a squeeze of lemon juice.  It will take away the dominating sweetness and bring out the flavour of the passionfruit.
The cake has a heavy texture. Like a “cake” slice.
The family raved about it.

juice half orange
1 tspn of icing sugar
pulp of 6 passionfruit.
Mix together in a bowl.  Add chopped fruit of your choice.
Stand for one or more hours.
(I add rockmelon, kiwi fruit, grapes, and strawberries)

My vegie patch has five passionfruit vines to ensure a good supply for the freezer. You guessed it. We love passionfruit. I put  eighty of them in the freezer today.  A neat trick for the winter months.

Take off the stalks. Wipe any muck off the fruit with a dry tea towel. Do not wash fruit.
Large freezer bags. Double line – one inside the other for protection of fruit. I put about 25 or 30 pieces in a bag.  Twist the top of the bag. Seal with a wire tie.  Place in freezer.  The fruit will keep for about 6 months or more.
To defrost: you can defrost them at room temp., or in the microwave.  Fruit does not stick together when frozen. The skin of the fruit protects the pulp. Defrosted fruit can be used for cakes, sweets, sauces, seafood dishes etc.
Passionfruit is rich in Vitamin C.

In this lucky country Australia, we are blessed with weather that the accommodates the growth of passionfruit.  I, for one, am glad.

Author: Earthkeepers

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