SPELT FLOUR has played a major part in our daily menu. Especially my personally developed bread recipe.  Painstakingly I adapted by oven-based recipe to a bread machine.  Being a carer for my husband and my 88yr old mother-in-law can sometimes leave me time  or focus poor. Days can prove  hectic and filled with tension. Special diets for both of them.
Fortunately our food intake is organic. 80% comes from our home.  So, unlike others, I do know where our food comes from and how it is grown, harvested and stored.
Spelt flour has been of great benefit to my charges.  Spelt cook books I feel, fall short of satisfying a gourmet tastebuds. I purchased a couple of books but alas, put them aside and did what I have always done. Take our home produce combined with my hands on experience in self-sufficiency and took to created my own basic yummy oat based slice which can easily be adapted to suit all occasions. e.g. macadamia nut and honey oat slice; chocolate and rum oat slice; pecan and orange oat slice, grated apple, honey and lemon, oat slice;  and almond and lemon oat slice.  Or here a simple……lemon sultana oat slice.

Spelt and Lemon Sultana Oat Slice
1 tblspn Honey
1 tblspn lemon juice
110g butter (or reduce butter by adding a mix of butter and rice bran oil)
Melt all of the above ingredients in a saucepan and let cool slightly.
In a small bowl beat one egg white. (Don’t use duck egg because it produces too much white)
Sift the following ingredients together in a bowl: –
half cup spelt flour
half tspn cinnanmon
half tspn mixed spice
half tspn baking powder.
Fold into dry mix : –
half cup coconut
1 cup of rolled oats (not quick minute oats)
two third cup of sultanas
one third cup of raw sugar
one tspn grated lemon rind
Stir butter mix into dry mix
Fold in egg white.
Press into a well greased lamington tin 28cm x18cm (11in.x7in)
Cook moderate temp., in fan forced oven for  15mins. Stand on rack for 3mins. While warm  cut into slices.  Leave to cool in tin.

Visitors last sunday suggested that I put this triumph on my blog.  I hope you enjoy this recipe.
It is so quick and simple to make. It cooks quickly and cools quickly. A delight for visitors at short notice.

Author: Earthkeepers

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