Having a swimming pool in your  garden is often thought to be an expensive encounter with only seasonal use.  Our pool is neither of these. It multitasks and at a reduced cost.
It is a fibreglass pool purchased cheaply from a swimming pool company as a factory second (i.e. damaged goods). It’s only issue is a small patch below the steps which did not fully  take up the colour dye that the original customer had requested.  But…… no cracks, no leaks and in perfect working order. At the seriously reduced price we felt we could live with the production mishap.
The pool is positioned a short distance from the  house,  close to dense bushland. We chose its location for several reasons. Firstly to help fight summertime bushfires. Secondly to store water. Thirdly, the added bonus of a relaxing swim in the soring heat of summer.
The pool  stores 28,000 litres of rain water.  A cover is kepted on the pool to limit evaporation.
A diesal pump fixed with a  large fire hose is located nearby so as to quickly turn the pool into a firefighting system.
Our next project is to create its own solar power system. And a wind generator.

In true self-sufficiency and sustainability fashion the pool area is created and furnished using recycled materials. We secured the pool using four different styles of fencing. Just bits and pieces we had picked up here and there. Including  130yr old hand sawn slabs of wood.
It all works very well.

The paving came from two unexpected places.  e.g. On delivering a parcel a courier driver noticed the work were doing and asked if we could use 300 to 500 used pavers.  He had dismantled a patio area to make way for a house extension and wanted rid of the debris. Just two weeks previous to this we  received a phone call asking us if would clear a yard of some  housebricks. While loading, we noticed that the bricks sat on top of a pile of pavers. And were thrilled to learn that they were included with our bounty of bricks.

Planter pots orignated in the 1950’s.  We aquired them when they were seen to be no longer fashionable. Simply discarded by several gardeners.

Furniture is from the 1990’s.  Well used, functional and appreciated. However, no longer seen to be fashionable.

It doesn’t take one very long to realise that fashion creates a throw away society. 

Author: Earthkeepers

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