A broken down, canvas covered garden gazebo came our way in the midst of winter.  The metal frame was tarnished and broken.  The canvas roof obviously wind swept was torn to shreds.  Thinking that we would fashion the frame into gates or fencing we accepted the rubbish.
The frame stood tall and wide. We tucked it along side of a small storage shed.
The months that passed were eroded by a devotion to home renovations.  Time never stood still.

With spring comes new life. Deciduous trees turn green  and perfume fills the air.  With this I began to think of summer, the swimming pool, entertaining friends and family and simply enjoying the season.
Early one clear, crisp morning I stepped out onto the lawn to  gaze at our wonderful view of the far reaching landscaping. Pondering the unfolding day I sat on a well placed garden seat.  A bright idea sprang forth.  Rebuild the gazebo to frame the view.

We set about the project. A bit of welding here and there. A lick of paint.  Bits and pieces of concreting mesh, cut and fastened to the roof and on one wall. We affixed the gazebo to secure footing and planted a yellow flowering climbing  plant.

Here is  the finished product.

I couldn’t believe our luck. Two days after the rebirth of the gazebo two garden seats and a bird bath came to us a throw aways.  Making the entire project one of trash repaired and given new life.

Author: Earthkeepers

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  1. You did such a splendid job right there. It's really detailed and fully realized. The welding job is great enough to make itself invisible, which I guess real good welding machinery can execute. Thanks for sharing that, by the way! All the best to you!

    Arthur Greene @ Central MM