Animals are amazing creatures.
Several months ago our lamb lost her mother to a toxic weed which was hidden by  grass  in the field. The young lamb moaned and cried for her mummy so loud and painfully that our hearts broke.  Her sighs were pitiful.  She cried all day and all night.
We regularly visited the paddock and stroked and cuddled her so that she would come to know that she was not alone in the world.
In a nearby paddock stood our heffer calf, who in the not too distant future will become our milking cow. 
Each time the lamb cried aloud the young heffer would hang her head over the fence in sympathy.
Then one morning the heffer was missing from her paddock.  We also realised that the lamb was silent.  It was an axious moment.
We quickly raced towards the lambs resting place and to our amazement found the heffer cow licking the lamb.
Sometime during the night she had pushed through two fences to comfort the bereaved lamb.
Nowadays they are the best of the friends. 

Each day the lamb runs around the paddock and encourages the  cow to run after her. 
A game of chasing and at other times its a game of hide and go-seek.

Author: Earthkeepers

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