GARDEN TOUR – Organise a group?

“Walk and Talk”

A guided tour in Earthkeepers Edible and Medicinal landscape.

Purposeful garden designs. Identifying plants and their usage.

The layout of the veggie patch is companion planted for bio-diverse activity and to produce food everyday of the year. It is a simple design. Filled with ideas for growing food in a backyard, courtyard or balcony.

  • It is enclosed to keep out large birds but not small birds.
  • The area design specifically creates several micro-climates for all year production and harvesting.
  • Medical and kitchen herbs. Including the African culinary (delicious) geraniums.
  • Garden beds made with recycled or secondhand materials. e.g. water tanks, washing and clothes dryer bowls.
  • Garden beds and their bedding materials are thermal conductors.
  • Rhubard species from five countries.
  • Wild strawberries from France, Netherlands, Germany and British Isles underplant Currants, Dwarf apples.
  • Asparagus bed with globe artichoke, (herb) golden rod) and red sorrel.
  • Berries – raspberry boysenberry, marionberry, thornless blackberry, midyim berry.
  • Pepino melon and several varieties of culinary sage.
  • Bio-diverse activity throughout the year: – edible flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs.

Food forest: 4 zones fenced and gated.

  • Easy access to one area at a time while chickens and ducks graze.
  • Using animals in the landscape to weed, fertilise and clean up debris.
  • Ducks – care for the banana zone and the Citrus zone.
  • Chickens care for the temperate and cold climate fruit trees.
  • Chickens and ducks operate in two yard to minimise disruption to landscape.
  • Chicken housing is part of the efficient design.

Compost, seed raising, home made fertiliser system.

Season: October to May

Duration: 2-2.5 hours Cost: $50pp. Tutor: Judith Collins

Bookings: 5 min. 15/20max.  (Not suitable for young children)

COURSES – Organise a group?

Season: October to May

Times: 9am – 12.30pm     Cost $45pp.

Tutor: Judith Collins

Bookings: 8min. 20max.

Location: Earthkeepers, Function Room.


  • Growing and Using Herbs
  • The Twelve Months Harvest – How to grow  Home Grown Food Every day of the Year.
  • Companion Planting for Bio-diversity, beneficial insects and bees.
  • Animals in an Organic Edible Garden.
  • How to Harvest and Store home Grown Food
  • How to prepare and protect your  garden from  Climate Change disruptions.
  • Making compost and home made fertiliser and insect repellant.
  • Climate Change – Home Retrofit for low cost and no cost and save money on bills.