We have shared our 40 years experience of self-sufficiency with people from all walks of life and nations. There is lots to do here at home. We are busy with developing and caring for the property as well as all its inhabitants and everything we grow.
Up bright and early, quick cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Open the door and breathe in the freshness of the morning dew. Early morning consists of feeding the pigs. Then on to the ducks – topping up or cleaning out the duck pond while they engage everyone in ducky conversation.
We then move onto the chooks to check their water and to collect their eggs. Next is a quick whip around the vegie patch to bundle up the ripened harvest. Opening the orchard gate we venture in to pick the matured juicy fruit and berries. Merrily tasting as we move around. Depending on the menu for the day, the glass house is our next stop……….mushrooms.
After all that buzzing about….it’s 8am. Time for breakfast! Yoghurt, fruit, cereal, toast, homemade jam and home baked bread. And we have earned it!The day unfolds in many different ways.
Some days are making mud bricks and constructing walls. Other days are making compost and liquid fertiliser, or pruning fruit trees, storing the harvest, sowing seed in the vegie patch, weeding, potting up plants, mulching gardens, clearing and fencing paddocks, cleaning and sharpening chainsaws, or following the bobcat around as it gathers firewood or improves the landscape.
We have quite a number of on going projects on the horizon.

  • Landscaping * Building * Courses * Organic food growing and harvesting * Animal care * Fencing * Open Days
    Our property is a 14 acre piece of australian bushland. With tall native ghost gums, wattle, native shrubs and flowers, kangaroo, wombat, lyrebird, cockatoo, parrots and black rock wallaby. The property is flanked by a deep rock gully and creek. The property has views that extend 80km to the city skyline of Sydney.
    Woofers accommodation is a two bedroom bunkhouse accommodating five. It also has a kitchenette, bathroom and dining area and internet connection.
  • Woofers/helpers can reach us by car or train (Tahmoor or Picton railway stations).